Using Drupal Configuration Management to build an app

There’s a lot to say about Drupal Configuration Management. Many contrib modules have emerged to address the shortcomings in core and I agree that most of them are clearly solving a need. I even have colleagues claiming “there’s a CM-related article every week on Drupal Planet!”. Here’s one more :-)

Is it time to switch your Open Source community to a modern chat system?

Chat tools have evolved dramatically in the past few years. Several popular Open Source projects like CiviCRM have already jumped to a more modern chat infrastructure, but many others are still using good ol’ IRC. Most of the time the reasoning is Open Source communities want to use an Open Source chat system to federate their user base. And that makes sense. But have Open Source alternatives to IRC been evaluated?

Working with the CLI? You should probably start using asciinema!

Whether you’re a sysadmin, a developer or simply using the CLI as part of your day job, there are many reasons why you might be willing to share what you see on your terminal. What comes to mind immediately is to create a screencast or jump on Google Hangouts to share your screen.

How to monitor memcached

There are several ways to retrieve stats for your memcached daemon, and to confirm all is well with how it works. Most of the time you’ll want to monitor cache HITS and MISSES, so we’ll primarily focus on this aspect.

How to rebase a GitHub pull request

I find it surprisingly confusing to work with GitHub pull requests while I’m primarily used to contribute to and its own contribution mechanisms. So I thought I’d write a step-by-step for rebasing a PR and stop looking it up.

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