Working with the CLI? You should probably start using asciinema!

Whether you’re a sysadmin, a developer or simply using the CLI as part of your day job, there are many reasons why you might be willing to share what you see on your terminal. What comes to mind immediately is to create a screencast or jump on Google Hangouts to share your screen.

How to monitor memcached

There are several ways to retrieve stats for your memcached daemon, and to confirm all is well with how it works. Most of the time you’ll want to monitor cache HITS and MISSES, so we’ll primarily focus on this aspect.

How to rebase a GitHub pull request

I find it surprisingly confusing to work with GitHub pull requests while I’m primarily used to contribute to and its own contribution mechanisms. So I thought I’d write a step-by-step for rebasing a PR and stop looking it up.

Improve Ansible tasks by debugging them

Say you’re working on the below task.

We should all have a Kenny in our lives

Let me tell you a story. When I joined Acquia in April 2011, the Support group was a small pool of passionate and talented drupalists working day and night to service our customers. And there was Kenny, aka webkenny. The vocal, outspoken and hilarious personality that was going to accompany Tim Millwood and I every morning when we were holding down the fort during EMEA hours, as the company was scaling up.

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