How I see the web with uBlock OriginCountless times a day, you’re working with a certain number of apps, clicking on news feeds and shared links. Without realizing it, the amount of April 16, 2018 Productivity

Rebuilding my blog with JekyllThere we go again. After Drupal, Grav and (managed) Ghost I wanted to try something new so I started exploring different Open Source flat-file CMS March 27, 2018 Ramblings

I have a dream that company emails would be a thing of the pastI’m sick of emails, but more importantly, I’m sick of always using its common pattern which goes something like: Hi [name], Hope you’re doing July 11, 2017 Ramblings Productivity

Using Drupal Configuration Management to build an appThere’s a lot to say about Drupal Configuration Management. Many contrib modules have emerged to address the shortcomings in core and I agree that March 14, 2017 Drupal

Is it time to switch your Open Source community to a modern chat system?Chat tools have evolved dramatically in the past few years. Several popular Open Source projects like CiviCRM have already jumped to a more modern February 25, 2017 Ramblings