Below you’ll find all side projects I’ve been involved with in the past years.

WooMind (2017)

A fresh new look at bookmarking/read-it-later services. It would have in-browser highlights, Markdown-powered notes, RSS feeds, outliners, etc. to create the perfect PKB.

This was a fully functional PoC built in Node.js / Material UI to speed up development. Our calendars were too busy and it never made it to market. In 2022, Reader was released and takes most of those ideas into a good alternative.

Adding a bookmark from the User InterfaceAdding a bookmark from the User Interface Editing a bookmark to update the metadataEditing a bookmark to update the metadata Change display views (one of many)Change display views (one of many)

Migration of the Giving What We Can website (2014)

Together with Adam Malone we migrated to Drupal 7. This was a fun late nights/early mornings project requiring both Drupal and DevOps skills we’ve taken on to help the Effective Altruism community. Read the blog post.

How the website looked like after the migrationHow the website looked like after the migration

Drupal tooling (2011-2022)

When I was working in Acquias Customer Success, I kept coming up with ways to improve my efficiency and remove any friction with common operations I had to perform. Below is the result of those needs:

  • d9: Quickly install Drupal 9 dev apps with the power of Lando.
  • drucker: Docker-based, Ansible-managed containers to provide a fully working Drupal 8 environment.
  • quick-drupal: Quickest way to install, test and contribute to Drupal.
  • drupal-8-tools: suite of simple bash scripts to provision a fresh Drupal 8 site, but also audit your code or provide a module scaffolding.

DrupalFacile (2010-2022)

For over 2 years I worked on creating video tutorials to teach french-speaking people about Drupal. Then I moved to creating regular tutorials for a few more years on until I pulled down the plug in 2022 after 12 years.