How to effectively search the Git log

Searching the Git log can be approached quite differently whether you’re willing to find a specific bit of code that was committed or trying to find a change in a commit message. With this in mind you can come up with two personas:

How to script Yakuake with KDE

Yakuake is a drop-down terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology. It’s also a very powerful and scriptable application we can configure to best suit our needs. In this article we’ll see how to configure it such as it starts with an arbitrary number of tabs and split screens.

How to audit Drupal 8 to determine the number of active users

When reached 1 million registered users, I wondered what was the percentage of really active users.

Porting the Page Load Progress module to Drupal 8

Back in 2012, my colleague Mariano released the Page Load Progress module for Drupal 7. This is not a widely popular module but I love it. Simply put, it will display a spinner when a page is taking too long to load, to prevent your users from clicking around or leave the page. It excels for time-consuming form submissions.

How to return the path to an enabled Drupal module or theme

In Drupal 7, it was fairly easy to retrieve the filesystem path for, say, enabled modules.

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